Sunday, March 14, 2010

~5 Months odi~ + ~Happy White Valentine~


Today is the 5 month anniversary of us~
Time past really fast, in the twinkle of eyes, we are holding each other for 5 months odi.. Hehe!
In the early of morning, I have woke up to wait my sis to fetch me back on that day. Same with me, he woke up early to wait his parents to fetch him back too.. Hehe! There are total of 3 weeks I didn’t go back home odi, homesick~~~~~~ so felt quite excited when going back home, haha! XD

When I reached my home, it was 3pm++ odi… because my sis was late again…=.= Thus, we were forced to cancel our original plan where I will accompany him go to cut his hair. Yet, we were ok with that because we have plan B which is he came to fetch me go gai gai after finished cut his hair, hehe!

We went to megamall. Upon reaching there, we went to the cinema in order to search for any interesting movie. And we realised that watching “Alice in Wonderland” on that day has student price discount, only RM6 per ticket, hehe! Without hesitating, we bought the tickets~ Here there are our tickets~ =)

Unfortunately, we have only 30 minutes to take our dinner before having our movie! Thus, we rushed to our favourite restaurant “Tasty Inn” to settle our meal~ Sitting down, ordered, hubby was running to the downstairs to buy gardenia bread that mommy requested. At this time, hubby realised that his RM50 missing jor! Omg…@.@ After eating like siao lang, we went to the road we have passed be4 with the hope that we can find back the missing RM50, yet, the result was following the normal logic --> ( nobody will ignore the RM50 on the road! sure have been kutip by someone la...=.=||) We cant find back the RM50… Haiz… Due to the overtime of movie showing, we entered the cinema with the sad mood. However, the sad mood dint last longer because the movie is really nice! Although we were not watching the 3D show but the effect is really great~ We even think that this movie is better than other movies we have watched before during cny, kakaz! =P

After the movie show, it was almost 10pm jor~ Hubby sent me home lu~ Hubby was leaving with reluctance,hehe!


Today is the white valentine day! Is a sweet sweet day for us too~ Hehe~ (actually all the days wif hubby oso a sweet sweet day~) kakaz! XD

11am++, hubby said he was alone in home, so we decided to go out gai gai again lu~ Hehe! We went to Jusco~

Upon reaching, we went to 欢喜地 took our lunch~ Last time we have passed by the欢喜地 in gurney, I were attracted by the comfortable decoration. Therefore, we decided to take lunch there~ But after tasting the meal, quite disappointed with it because the portion is quite small and the taste is not delicious as expected,haha! Here there are some photos have been captured by me during the time.

Both of us with the panda eyes,haha! =P

Finished taking lunch, we were starting to shop. We have bought 3 t-shirts for mommy and 2 pairs of gloves for bibi~ During the shopping time, hubby bought jor 1 watch for me! Wohoo~ The watch is white in colour and I really love the watch so much~ Thanks hubby for the present ya~ Muazz! ^3^ ^8^ There is the photo of the watch~

Although we cant celebrate the valentine on 14 Feb, we succeeded to celebrate this white valentine together~ Though the time is quite short, the day is passed with sweet sweet atmosphere~ Because, as long as you are besides me, I am satisfied odi…^^

Wish we can still celebrate the valentine and white valentine together when we are 80 years old ya~ You are the ah pek and I am the ah ma~ kakaz! XD


  1. Laopo~ Ah bi so happy can celebrate the white valentine day with honey ler~ so sweet my honey.. Hehe! When honey acc ah bi, ah bi jiu very happy de lu, "luv" in msn d kakaz!
    The place 欢喜地 before ah bi eat is ok de ar,but today abit weird huh,the chef luan luan cook haha~
    The watch ah bi buy for honey de lu, honey must tek k it nicely de ya,ah bi sayang laopo ^^
    when we 80 years old,we maybe celebrate at home neh,no body bring us go gai gai de lu,but nvm ya~ at home ah ma cook for ah pek eat ya.. ah pek love to eat sweet sweet de thing,ah pek choose to eat ah ma kakaz..(still no teeth one de =.=)
    Love You forever laopo~ Momo! ^3^ ^8^
    Sayang laopo owes de ya,no matter what happen,ah bi will support honey de ^^v

  2. Thanks lao gong~ hehe~ =) Momo! ^3^ ^8^

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